Quality in Quantity, Rio Ranch offers commercial heifers.


This photo, taken in the spring, showcases a couple of the hiefers we now have available.

The USDA-NASS monthly cattle on feed report was released on August 23rd, the general take home from this report was that numbers of cattle on feed in the larger feedyards were once again significantly down. In fact the numbers suggest an almost 6% decline from a year ago. USDA has already predicted another 5% decrease in 2014 is to be expected, mostly due to drought conditions. As Texas ranchers weight the uncertainty of forage inventories, grain prices, and the cost of replacement females it is difficult to predict the short term growth of the Texas cowherd. For cattlemen looking to expand this fall, Rio Ranch is now offering 500+- Brangus, Angus+ and Super Baldie commercial heifers bred to low birth wt. Brangus bulls. About 125 of these are due Sept. through Dec. with the remainder due in spring. We also have about 25 Sept. pairs.

Here a few photos to give you a feel for the quality offered. Come by the Ranch and have a look for the best selections!


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