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Rio Ranch is a diversified cattle operation providing high quality performance genetics that have been raised in our harsh Gulf Coast enviornment. Headquartered in Hempstead, TX, 55 miles northwest of Houston, we operate several locations throughout the coastal bend.

Anchoring our purebred division is our Charolais herd. We understand the positive profit margin a Rio Ranch Charolais Bull can add to a commercial cowherd. We have built our Charolais herd around some of the most enduring cow families while placing our emphasis on growth and adaptability. Our cows must perform efficiently while experiencing stifling hot temperatures and drought conditions, which can be followed closely by crisp cold mornings and torrential rains.

Additional selection criteria is straight forward. Our cows must be easy calvers producing fast growing, easy handling offspring that add carcass quality and value at all marketing points.

The Rio Ranch Brangus herd is the maternal side of our purebred operation.The complementary crossbreeding effects for these two breeds is well documented. We are constructing our Brangus program around several of the dominant cow families in the breed. Selecting heavily for maternal traits, we demand fertility, milking ability, docility and carcass merit from our herd.

Keeping the purebred division true is our commercial division. Our commercial cow herd features a commercial Brangus/ Super Baldy bred program. We have a supply of high quality heifers A.I.ed to high accuracy, calving ease Brangus bulls. We will begin marketing these bred heifers in the fall of 2013.

Another segment of our commercial program involves a F1 Brahman/Hereford cowherd. These cows serve as our recipients for our ET program and clean up behind them with our Brangus bulls to create Super Baldies for our bred heifer program.Those F1 females not used as receipts are bred to Charolais bulls. The result is a group of representative calves we can follow through harvest with carcass data collection.

The final and most important part of the Rio ranch Program is Customer service. With direct links to the food retail business our ranch team understands that our success depends on producing high quality products that perform well while providing a pleasurable experience. This is the approach we bring to our cattle program.

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